Basic Pricing


We will  estimate your hours to completion as accurately as possible at our current rate of pay per hour is $50.00 which is very low if you compare. We use a timer to make sure there is never an overcharge.  We never charge for any research on difficult programming situations or for contact time(Contact by phone or email is free).  We supply all needed for your application, set up and ready to go. You do not have to purchase an upgrade from Alpha Software at all unless you want to do your own work instead of using our services.

Example: Project is moving a A5 V4.5 to A5V12 for a medium sized company. We rendered one operation that took them 15 minutes to do(if it worked 1st time) to one button push that always works.   We came in 4 hours under estimate.   Project Done and installed.  Owners and Users are happy!!

We supply your app to you with an easy install processand full instructions that can be used on one computer or optionally on a server to handle however many users you need on your network using an unlimited or limited runtime.  If you are close enough to us, we install and do the setup in person.  We also have Thousands of functions and scripts already written that we can sometimes adapt to your project if needed.  This saves time and your money.

We supply:

All install software as needed for workstations and server as needed.

You can call for any clarification at 352.302.2015 USA or contact us here for email