ALDA consulting's Destop Development

Our backlog is down due to COVID-19  It is the best time in 3 years!

Would you prefer your application and data on your own hardware, on your own machines or on the internet/cloud where even large companies like Amazon, Equifax and others can't protect their own data and clients data?

You can get your Custom Windows Desktop Application built in short order.  It can be sent to you by download(suggested) or CD according to your desires.

Your Application can be for personal use or for any size company.   Your Application can be placed on a single computer, on a networked server or even another networked computer.

You can have one single user or many users.  We can also optionally prepare your application for distribution so you can sell it to others with a downloadable installer.



Image of a large application with an open form on top of another open form...

Call Dave at 352.302.2015 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss terms, needs and desires.

Custom Installs available for Alpha Software and some others.

Alpha Software Upgrade for most versions so you can run your favorite app in windows XP3-10

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