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We Build Database Applications for the Desktop!We build and/or repair Database applications for windows XP through windows10+ using Alpha Software(AA) with xbasic language

 Have your application built for the way your users work.

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We want to place all information fields the best way that matches your user's comfort level and automates as much as possible.   When they have finished with one field, they can optionally press "enter " or "tab" to move forward.  Data fields will have popups and lookups at times to keep consistency of records.  Records like clients will be assigned a numeric identity for record keeping and to have a connection to any "child" records.  Numeric is faster for all apps.  

Database fields will be short like 10 or less characters within tables.  filenames will also be short like 8 or less characters.  Short is a bit faster and much more consistent.  

The idea is speed and accuracy, thus saving errors and saving time saves money on the bottom line.  

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